Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weeeee For Wednesday!

We're going to the OC Fair tonight! Yay for cotton candy!

Today's layout is brought to you by felt+pen+colored pencils. Enjoy!

And here are some felt babies I made last night while Wade was talking in his sleep!!


Laura Tucker said...

Flannel layouts are the best layouts!

renee said...

wow,'re on a roll! I need some of your inspo...I haven't been in the mood to scrapbook the past few the way where have you been on my blog...i miss your comments : )

renee said...

i have the opposite scrapbooking problem...I don't know how to use more cardstock than pp and I love that look!

Rachael said...

The felt pieces are so cool!!

Frances said...

okay here's my order: a bunch of those skulls, heart eyes AND the circle head ones, and a few owls, how 'bout? pink owl and blue owl and brown owl? i love retro vintage owls, fyi. thank you very much for using no-pay-pal.

Jodie said...

LOVE the felt items.
im addicted to felties also