Sunday, July 29, 2007

My New Studio {I hope!}

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This is my idea for my new studio. If you remember, Wade is letting me convert half of the guest room into a studio (I'm still trying to sneak the other side of the room without him noticing!).

This layout requires a trip to Target, one to IKEA and about 300 bucks. We just have to move the piano out of the room and I can start working on it!!! So exciting!


idanasi said...

wow.. cool plan..
i've been wanting a desk with trestles for a while too...
it looks great and i can't wait to see it complete. :)
have fun!

renee said...

i can't wait to see the finished project...looks like it's gonna be awesome. i love my scrapbook room! a scrapbooker just needs'll love it! by the way, what is the other half of the room? a guest bedroom? i don't remember?

Jen said...

cool design! so glad that you loved the banner, but i did change it! oh yeah, thnx for being the one faithful that still reads my blog and drops me a line :)!

Rachael said...

so, so exciting!! It looks like it's gonna be fab!!!

zab said...

lucky you ;-)