Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two For Tuesday

I had a WONDERFUL breakfast with Chris this morning... strawberry waffles. So Good!

Then drove to the Scrapbook Oasis for some much needed patterned paper. We drove around Skypark for a good 15 minutes until Chris had the brilliant idea to ask the mail lady where the store was. There are about 20 streets named Skypark in that area. We're two Asian females driving in an unfamiliar area, so it was inevitable that we would get lost.

Did two layouts today:

Layout #1:

Handmade felt skull:

Handmade clay embellies:

Layout #2:


Laura Tucker said...

I love the skull, Candice. Keep up the felt!

renee said...

i'm loving your pages...it's making me want to scrapbook!

Frances said...

did you get the idea for the bowed skulls from my earrings?? how 'bout a coupla those, too,eh? maybe one day you could write your babies a letter too, whaddya think? you havent forgotten about them, have you?