Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leave Me A Comment!!!

What a day! So, we finally got rid of ALL dogs! I took Charlie and Koko back to my mom's house yesterday. Charlie was sad to leave our Clementine (they LOVE each other!). Charlie will miss me most of all (I'm her scarecrow) and she even gave me a kiss on the car ride to show me!

I've been really wanting to get some GOOD scrapbooking done, but just haven't had the momentum I had hoped for. Things aren't flowing as smoothly or as quickly as they usually do. This damn layout took me almost an hour and there is NOTHING to it! I was stoked to use my new Vegas stamps though.

I finally started on my Happiness Is _____ mini book by Kristina Contes. She sold these kits last month through her blog and then e mailed instructions. I read through them to get some good ideas and tips, but then forced myself NOT to print them out and take them to my desk. I knew if I did, every single page would be identical to hers... So here's the cover and the first two pages I've done so far.

I made some funky buttons with acrylic paint. The buttons go really well with the colors of the album, which was a complete accident! I made the buttons before I even got the albums! Weird.

Also, yesterday I had to take Bailey to the vet because he has Kennel Cough. None of our other dogs have it (thank goodness). Bails is the oldest of the three (he's 11). I hope this isn't the start of some kind of doggy decline... Fingers Crossed!


renee said...

The books looks so cool so far! Can't wait to see more! I wish I got the kit also! Honestly I just have way too much stuff, that's why I chose not too...I wish she would post hers on her blog! Make sure to post looks awesome. love the cover!

Melissa said...

You are so creative. I have always admired that about you. That, and your hair.

Laura Tucker said...

I love your button and what you wrote about being content, Candice. Hope it will stay on my mind long enough to sink in again. :)