Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am SO blah about blogging these days! Even when I complete a layout, it takes me FOREVER to upload it onto this blog if I even get around to it!

SO PLEASE HELP ME!!! In order to boost my blogginess, can you guys leave questions in the comments section for me? ANY questions, EVERY question, TONS of questions!!! I'm hoping this will prompt me to write more here and get into blogging again.

In other news, to answer Kat's question about my last post...

My engagement ring was custom made for me by a seller from ETSY. I would tell you who, but to be brutally honest, it took an INSANE amount of time to get this ring and a TON of stress and anxiety - but the ring is really great and well made so I'm kind of stuck. I really want to tell you NEVER go to this seller because it will take FOREVER and you're better off finding someone else. But on the other hand I really want to tell you that this seller does fantastic work and you will not be disappointed by the quality of the ring. So, to be fair, I'm just not going to tell you who the seller is.

Okay, that being said (holy tangent, Batman!) here's the story of my ring. For the longest time I have been eyeing this:

Platinum + Diamond = WAY TOO MUCH MONEY (especially in this economy!) SO, Wade and I agreed that I would get a less expensive ring for now, and when the economy gets better or when we win the lottery, he'll splurge on a Kretchmer.

Here is said ring:

It's pretty much the same concept as the Kretchmer Omega Ring - except it's titanium and a ruby. It's a tension setting and is really comfortable to wear since there aren't any prongs. Since the ruby is a bit small (I wanted a larger one but the seller didn't feel comfortable with the strength of the tension) I really like that there aren't any prongs or bezels that hide the gem.

So there it is!
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008