Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back on the Horse...

These are the first pages I've done in a LONG time!

This one is of my good friend, Jeanna - she is the topic of a lot of pages in my collection. Every time I see her (which isn't often because of our conflicting schedules and such) I am inspired to make a page about her when I get home.

I hid a journaling block behind her picture that can be pulled out by the skull tag.
This picture was taken last year on my birthday. My parents went out and got me a cake (so sweet of them!) and the girl who decorated it needed a spell check!!! The journaling reads: This is why education is so important. I typed it out with my new (old!) typewriter - a gift from Wade's Mom for Christmas! I love it, but fear that one day I will run out of ribbon and won't be able to find any!

This last page was done in celebration of me getting off my butt and actually doing something. I attended a Two Peas social (lots of ladies getting together who share a common love of scrapping). I have never done anything like this - despite my outgoing nature, I am actually very timid when it comes to trying new things. I had a good time - nothing too terribly exciting happened (although I did meet the ladies of Studio Calico, which was a nice surprise!) - more than anything, I am proud of myself for going alone and taking myself out of my comfort zone.

In other news, I won some free ribbon + lace from Breanne Crawford's blog - a nice surprise! Also, Stephanie Howell wrote about me in a blog entry a couple of days ago... she's seriously the funniest, sweetest girl!

Okay, that's all...