Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday thoughts:

  • I think I love January... I love that feeling that anything is possible - that I can start something new and exciting. I hope I feel like this every month.
  • I really wanna go to CHA. It's rather frustrating knowing that they will be in Anaheim this winter - so close, yet so not going to happen. Too bad my ETSY shop doesn't qualify me.
  • I recently filled an order for BAD GIRLS KITS - go check out their January Add On, "Funhouse" to see my skull felties in action! I got to meet Wendy, the owner, who is a super cool lady - hopefully we will be doing more business together in the future!
  • I just found out about PAPER08 - I'm hoping to get started tonight and for the rest of the year. I want this to be a forever thing - weekly documentation of my life - so that when I'm old and senile, I'll have something to show for it.
  • I am planning to have a fuller schedule this semester. Last semester I kind of took a break - I didn't do ANY private tutoring and really cut my hours at the tutoring center. I didn't know it then, but now realize that in cutting back my work schedule, I ended up cutting back everything else. I am totally slacking on house duties, embarrassingly lagging on artistic endeavors and shamefully slumping on friend-relationships. I now know that if I have TOO much time on my hands, I will procrastinate. So, my plan for this semester is to fill up my schedule with work and play so that I don't waste even a minute of my life!
ps. I am getting kind of tired of these challenge blogs this month... they are all challenging the SAME thing: What's your Resolution this year? Blah blah blah - way too overplayed.

See you tomorrow!


renee said...

1. i'm so glad your gonna be blogging more...i love reading your entries.

2. i so agree with not getting anything done when you have too much time on your hands...same thing happened to me the last 2 months.

3. what exactly is a bind it all, is it expensive/worth buying, and what did you use for the clear cover on that awesome planner of yours?

quietly going mad... said...

Congrats on the Bad Girl Kits!!! I am thinking I need to dive into Paper 08 too. Good luck with your resolutions! Mine are get weight back on track, get back to not caring so much what others think of you, and buy a house!