Thursday, January 10, 2008


So, while looking for a new project that will last throughout the year - one that forces me to create something on a weekly basis - I have come to the conclusion that if I make an album with too specific a theme, I will never complete it... I have tons and tons of mini books laying around my studio that have not been finished for one reason or another...

So I decided to make an album called "08" for the year 2008. You can't get more general than that. In this album I plan on putting selected challenges from different sites (sometimes the challenges I read just aren't very interesting to me or don't pertain to my life at all!).

Here it is!

The Cover:

First Pages:

And The Last Page:
Thanks for looking!


Laura Tucker said...

I love the last page. Nice self-portraits too. How many do you have to take to get three good expressions like that? I can imagine I'd be there a while. :)

renee said...

I love the idea of this book!!! I'm gonna start my own. i love the page of you and wade...funny and hopefully it will be this yr! and the 1st photos of 2008 was a great idea for a first page..very cool layout too. and lmao on the "who was the bigger baby"...that was awesome and loved the supplies you used on that one...magic mesh is the my favorite!!!

marie antoinette said...

okay i don't know what magic mesh is but i do know that i love this book. your ideas are fresh and your photos say so much. i love it.

Amy said...

This book is a great idea! I never finish my mini books either, not sure why! I can go all the way thru and then 2 pages left and it sits!

Rachael said...

What a great start!! I love it!!