Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Blog

I have always wanted a THREE COLUMN blog, but didn't want to pay for TYPEPAD to get it - with a little help from google (and a long Sunday at home) I finally have one! I still have to add a TON of more stuff (a lot of the extras on the side bars got deleted in the change), but I am loving the new layout!

What do you all think?

On another note, I found a young lovely over at sis who LOVES math (I know, it's weird) so I just had to introduce myself! She creates great layouts, so go check her out HERE!

Today is my LAST day of being a lazy bum... I go back to work tomorrow - YIKES! It's weird, because I always get UBER nervous on the first day of school, even though I am not a student anymore! I'm always nervous that students won't like my teaching methods or not trust me or something...



Jen said...

i think your new LO is way cool!
matches your artsncrap stuff to a T!!!
wow, how much time did it take?

why did you change the name of your blog as well?

just wanted to say that i loved it!

Lo said...

I love the blog colors and layout! You have such a good eye, Candice.

Jen said...

omg! i just saw that you had a "Wreck this Journal" link!!! i totally got that for my stocking for Christmas! hee hee! can't wait to check it out!

renee said...

your new blog layout looks so good! i love the colors you vibrant! you might be hearing from me asking you how to create something cool for my blog. also, don't be nervous tomorrow, i'm sure you'll do just fine...your students will like your teaching methods it sounds to me like you know what your doing....good luck!