Monday, January 28, 2008

Ben and Mario

Wade's been checking out some bands on my IPOD and has recently come across BEN FOLDS FIVE. I used to listen to them back in the day and now every song brings back so many memories!

And why is this boy so happy?

Because I found my old Nintendo in my Mom's garage!

My mom wanted me to look through some boxes I have stored in her garage... upon opening every box I said, "Oh my goose, I didn't know you had THIS!" to which Wade would reply, "LEAVE IT! Don't bring it to our house!" Then I found my old Nintendo and he insisted I bring it home!!! (Wade's playing right now, and he wants to make sure I mention here that he beat Super Mario Brothers - first try)

And here's Wade trying to beat the game:


Lo said...

Congratulations, Wade! I admire your skill and facial expressions.

marie antoinette said...

hahaha...i am so jealous! mario is the only video game i ever liked playing cuz i could beat it!
p.s. ben folds five and ben folds by himself are great! i saw him open up for tori amos and he was so entertaining and talented.

Jen said...

ok, slowly getting a blog back up!
same old come give me some encouragement!!