Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

And Happy Belated Festivus (for the rest of us!)

Here's an album I made for my friend Laela for Christmas: (sorry the pics are so small - I plan on uploading them on my SIS account soon, so you can see them there if you like)

I was asked to sponsor the CHIT CHAT CHALLENGE and gave away these goodies from my ETSY shop:

And here are some pics from our camping trip to Aguanga:

And here is how I spent my New Year's Eve:

ps PowerPoint Tutorial coming SOON!!!


Jen said... much to say!!
1. the mini album is nothing short of AWESOME!!!!

2.look @ YOU and your artsncrappy-ness sponsoring a challenge!!! how cool is that??!!

3.looks like you had the same crud i did...hope you are well again. the photos and can't wait on that how you do your pics!!
take care! xoxo...jen

idanasi said...

That album looks great!
Happy new year Candice :)

renee said...

i love that book you it up at sis? i want a closer looks awesome!