Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm leaving EARLY tomorrow morning for my GERMANY trip! I'm getting really excited. My mother is trying to thwart my excitement by calling me 5 times a day to remind me to bring my passport, but I WILL NOT let her get to me!!! Here's a travel journal I made for the trip:
1) transparancy cover with hambly rubon goodness
2) picture collage of family and friends
3) blank pages for journaling, scribbling, whatever
4) misuse of post office envelope
5) pocket for holding my crossword puzzles I printed from the internet
6) blank pages for whatever

And some fingerless gloves I crocheted for the cold weather. (I had to unravel the last one because I didn't have enough material for TWO gloves!)

Halloween drawings from my niece and nephew. They are SO grown up... it's scary...

And finally, some pages from my THIS IS ME album:

Oh, and last but not least, go check out THIS NEW CHALLENGE BLOG. Sounds like it's going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!

Zab, THIS is for you!!!

7 Random Facts about ME:

1. Listening to someone brushing their teeth makes me gag.
2. I hate speed bumps.
3. I want dimples in the worst way.
4. I hate miniature golf.
5. I love gummy bears, but only the Haribo brand.
6. I LOVE filling out questionnaires.
7. I get more offended if someone calls me dumb or stupid than if they call me fat or ugly.


zab said...

awwwwww all theses are so cool !
I tagged you, BTW
Have a nice trip

zab said...

love the harobo's too !!!!

Kat said...

Germany has the best gummy stuff! Even the supermarkets have a bunch of different kinds. When my co-worker goes to Germany, I beg her to bring my back gummys! They also have this yogurt thing called quark which is to die for!

quietly going mad... said...

have fun in germany!!! love the warmers and your layouts!

amy lapi said...

i love your layouts! :)

Holly Terra said...

HI!!! Love your etsy shop! Hope your trip was wonderful!

Holly Terra

renee said...

i tagged you!

Jen said...

i am dying here! where are YOU and where are your Germany pic????
i miss you! :(