Sunday, October 14, 2007

RAK extension and ETSY update #5

Okay, so I have given up on the "picture a day". Too much pressure...

Did I mention that I am going to Germany at the end of this month? I'll have PLENTY of pictures to make up for giving up on the picture a day thing.

I am extending the RAK until NEXT Monday, so there's still time to post your suggestions. You can post them on this entry if you like - I don't care.

I updated my ETSY shop, and added some tote bags this time, so check it out! (Hurry up and buy something because I haven't had a purchase in A WEEK and it is really hurting my overblown ego. I can feel my head shrinking as we speak.)

Have a great week!


Jodie said...

hey girl :D
ahhh so jelous, hope u have the best time in germany :D
im off to check out ur new stuf on etsy i loooove ur stuf!!!

and hey pretty please add me to the rak draw, how awesome r u!!


Jen said...

you are too hard on yourself!!
have so much fun in Germany!! take some great pics and share!!
off to check out your shop!!

Jen said...

forgot! i have a new post and LO for ya! hope you like it!! :)
check out my SiS stuff too---3!!!!

renee said...

i didn't even know you were giving away a RAK and i read your blog everday! That's so cool! count me in! also, you'll love Germany, it's awesome! can't wait to see your pics

scrapmiep said...

Hi,maybe you could mmake little butterflies,(nice for children)and make a mobile from it.or you can make little halloween pompkins,so felt around styropor balls and or faces on it.
little wallets maybe for kids,or a penholder.
i hope i understand this right,I am from the netherlands,so these are my ideas.
have fun in germany!!