Thursday, October 04, 2007

Picture A Day Project

Firstly, today is my one and only niece's FIFTH birthday!!! I can hardly believe it. She is becoming an actual PERSON - it's scary. Here's a picture I took of her during my last San Fran trip.

And in other news...

In an attempt to force myself to take more EVERYDAY pictures, I have started a PICTURE A DAY PROJECT. Hopefully I will be able to do it for longer than a day...

Here's today's picture:

This is the shirt I bought at WILD AT HEART in San Clemente. It makes me feel punk rock. Come to think of it, I bought the belt there too. The jacket is one of three I got last time we went to Vegas. There's tons of outlet malls there and I SCORED big time. The square necklace is from my oldest sister Frana. I don't remember when or why she gave it to me, but I always get compliments on it. Oh, and my face is PURPOSEFULLY out of the picture because it's 7:30 in the morning and I am NOT a morning person!

Have a great day!
See you tomorrow. (I promise every picture-of-the-day won't be of what I'm wearing!)


idanasi said...

ha ha.. :)
cool pictures and happy birthday to your niece!

Jen said...

yay! i thnk i am going to have to do a picture of the day thing! maybe starting in Nov. it is a super busy month--so lots to capture! have a great weekend, love!! xoxo

quietly going mad... said...

these both are really cool pictures. I knew you were going to say something about my not posting the layouts, I promise this sunday I will if not sooner. take care sweets!

Rachael said...

Love the pic of your niece!!!

Great idea for a pic a day!! I should join you!! I sometimes go a week without taking any!!