Tuesday, October 16, 2007

RAK clarification

I'm reposting the rules for the RAK contest for those of you who missed them the first time. Good luck!!!

And now for the RAK!!!

Here are the contest rules: I need some inspiration for new felties and claytons! I don't know what to make next! So, leave a comment with some ideas in the following THREE categories and I will choose which one I like best and make it! If I choose your idea, I will send you a bundle of goodies - some felt, some clay, and I'll send you whatever idea that made you win the contest! What fun! (Please keep in mind that if I use your idea, I will be selling products on ETSY based on your idea, so don't go spilling the beans on some patented thing you have!!!)

Here are the categories:
1. FELTIE CREATIONS: I need ideas on what to make with felt. Most of my felties are at most 4" by 4" so it would have to be something relatively small. Please keep in mind that I am by no means an artistic genius, so don't suggest something like "Brad Pitt's Face" because I don't think I could do that...
2. FELTIE SAYINGS: One of my most popular lines in my ETSY shop is the Say What? series. (You can look at them here, and here, and here, and here...) I need some ideas on other words or phrases to sew! Please keep in mind that each saying bubble is only 2.5 by 2.5 inches so don't suggest something like "Gosh, I love Brad Pitt so much, I wish there was a feltie of his face I could buy!"
3. CLAYTON CREATIONS: I want to make some holiday claytons, but the only thing I can think of are Christmas Trees and Candy Canes. Any OTHER suggestions? Please keep in mind that I am by no means an artistic genius, so don't suggest something like "Brad Pitt wearing a Santa hat!"

You can leave as many suggestions in any category you want. I will announce the winner NEXT MONDAY (October 22). Good Luck!!!


zab said...

for FELTIE SAYINGS : you rock, happy, hey dude, pink chick, my world, xoxoxo, no comment, yeah !, boom !, hey you, wassup, cool, yay, RAD

feltie creations and clayton creations : cupcakes, (santa)pirates, christmas gifts, snowmen, sockings, gloves, leaves, mistletoe, wings, angels

now up to work !!!!!

Rachael said...

Feltie and clayton creations, what about pointsettia, doves, angels, stars.

I'm sure they'll be great!

renee said...

sayings: "oops" "shit." "holy crap" "#%@!" "yeah, whatever" "yeah, uhuh" "did i just say/think that" "hi (maybe used for a card)" "missing you" "diva"
"duh" "huh" "wtf" "yeah right" "seriously" "hey sexy" "that's hot" "groovy" "rock on"

Holiday Claytons: elves, snowman with a red heart, presents, snowflakes, ornaments, mistletoe, (don't know how to spell it), christmas lights, "i've been naughty/nice" for your sayings or "naughty or nice"

renee said...

sayings: "welcome to my world"

Jen said...

can i even tell you that i was so dumbfounded about the catwalk??
people started leaving me comments and i was like, "what are you talking about?" that is how in-tune i am these days!! LOL!

Frances said...

ohmigawd i just left a novel and it didnt post!

here's what i remember:

xmas: elf, santa hat on skull, monkey w/santa hat, wreath, holly w/leaves, peppermint candy, HoHoHo.

felts: rainbow betw 2 clouds, clouds, acorn, pine cone, (goes w/owls) nest with eggs in it, palm tree, pineapple, rocket, robot, alien, hot air balloon, BEE, binky, diaper, cowboy hat, lasso,boot, musical notes, cuppa coffee, teapot, coffin, bear (or other animal) with devil hat/mask/costume-head only, ace of spades/hearts/etc, diamond ring, guitar, beer with head of foam, martini, crescent moon with star, cross, high heel shoe, crown/tiara, airplane, soccer ball, simple boat, star of david, ice cream cone, initials (custom item), telephone, castle, baby face (circle w/curly cue hair on top), monkey, birthday cake slice w/candle on top.

sayings: I (heart) the 80's, wax on wax off, ice ice baby (note a theme!), nobody puts baby in the corner (hah that would fit the martha stewart album!),ME, US, aloha, ciao, USA, arghhh, MOMO!

Frances said...

...oh yeah, you could also start making stuffed felties, cut out two owls and put filling in-make them bigger and they can be toys! JD loves those, he'd love a robot hint hint

Frances said...

oh migawd!!!! for christmas can you PLEASE make a Mimi felt thing!?!? like a doll for mimi!?!?! she'd be THRILLED!! and then you could make one for jd, like of his turtle he loves (i'd have to take a picture) WHAT A GREAT IDEA I'M A GENIUS!!