Monday, October 08, 2007

RAK!!! (My first giveaway!!!)

Staying home today - Just don't feel like tutoring! Hopefully I will be able to get some stuff done around the house... or maybe I'll sit in front of the computer all day!

So the claytons turned out to be PERFECT. I realized I needed to bake them at 275 degrees and not 230 degrees (Where I got that number from, I don't know!)

I feel a bit overwhelmed with this scrapbooking thing! There are SO many blogs, So many message boards and SO many placed to upload layouts, I don't know where to go or what to do! And no matter how much time I put into it, I still feel like I am missing out on something! Ahh!!!

Here's my picture of the day:
These pictures are in the living room of our house. (sorry for the reflection - the sun is making the photos kind of hard to see.) From top left to bottom right we have 1. Student at Oxford University taken when my Dad took me to England as a graduation gift, 2. Wade and his brother having a seaweed fight at San Clemente Beach by the pier, 3. My Otis - picture was taken by his former dog sitter who used to have 20 or 30 pictures for us by the time we came to pick him up, 4. La Tour Eiffel - our hotel was a two minute walk to the tower - so amazing, 5. Wade on the pier - I always have to tell him, "Honey, don't look at me, don't look at me! The picture will come out better if you don't look at me!" 6. Me and Wade at the Queen Mary - his mom took this picture, 7. Wade on an outdoor walkway in Vegas (again I had to say, "Don't look at me, don't look at me! The picture will come out better if you don't look at me!" 8. Two nuns in Versaille. I had to crop out an old man who was picking his nose.

And now for the RAK!!!

Here are the contest rules: I need some inspiration for new felties and claytons! I don't know what to make next! So, leave a comment with some ideas in the following THREE categories and I will choose which one I like best and make it! If I choose your idea, I will send you a bundle of goodies - some felt, some clay, and I'll send you whatever idea that made you win the contest! What fun! (Please keep in mind that if I use your idea, I will be selling products on ETSY based on your idea, so don't go spilling the beans on some patented thing you have!!!)

Here are the categories:
1. FELTIE CREATIONS: I need ideas on what to make with felt. Most of my felties are at most 4" by 4" so it would have to be something relatively small. Please keep in mind that I am by no means an artistic genius, so don't suggest something like "Brad Pitt's Face" because I don't think I could do that...
2. FELTIE SAYINGS: One of my most popular lines in my ETSY shop is the Say What? series. (You can look at them here, and here, and here, and here...) I need some ideas on other words or phrases to sew! Please keep in mind that each saying bubble is only 2.5 by 2.5 inches so don't suggest something like "Gosh, I love Brad Pitt so much, I wish there was a feltie of his face I could buy!"
3. CLAYTON CREATIONS: I want to make some holiday claytons, but the only thing I can think of are Christmas Trees and Candy Canes. Any OTHER suggestions? Please keep in mind that I am by no means an artistic genius, so don't suggest something like "Brad Pitt wearing a Santa hat!"

You can leave as many suggestions in any category you want. I will announce the winner NEXT MONDAY (October 15). Good Luck!!!


quietly going mad... said...

Ok can you make more then one post for suggestions because I know I am going to be thinking of this a lot but I want to tell you my ideas so I don't forget. For felties what about felt labels? like rectangles with a back color and then white on the front? you could do some funky scallopie edge? that one may be difficult but labels are hot right now. Also like little monsters like those ugly dolls with one eye and stuff. Those would be cute for Halloween and all the time. That is all I have for now. But I am going to keep thinking.

Kat said...

Holiday clay thingys (or felt):
Mittens, snowflake (I'm seeing white snowflake in blue circle), star, round ball ornaments (round circles with a little gray/silver up top), wreaths, bells, presents.

Kat said...

Kick ass
Rock on
That's crazy
Wasn't me!
Who, me?

Kat said...

Obviously, I'm *really* busy at work today! You may have done some of this stuff before, some of it seems familiar...

General: Ladybug, butterfly, trees, cows, monkey (sock monkey?)
Craft stuff: yarn ball & knitting needles, thread, other sewing supplies, scissors, tape
birthday: cake, hats, balloons, clown (j/k!)
Halloween: Pumpkins, bats, black cat, candy corn
Thanksgiving: Turkey, pilgrim hat, feathers, corn
Wedding: doves, bells, rings, flowers, cake
V-day: hearts, broken hearts, conversation hearts (funny ones and nice ones!)

You know you love me!!!

Jen said...

gosh...this is kinda hard, but i will take a crack at it...after all, my RAK brought us together!! :D
1.feltie creations: what about a computer looking feltie, since we know we spend way too much time here! OR TV, ipod, musical notes...
cute lil snowmen!

2.feltie sayings:*snap*; *doink*; see ya; take it or leave it; killa; total diva; mr. macho...

3.clayton creations: not too late for pumpkins is it???; santa hats do sound great; can you make words or letters from clay or is that too hard? cuz then the world could open up with that !;) what about holly with berries or some mistletoe, snowmen that would be cool! hearts, easter eggs, shamrocks (cool with felt as well) rainbows...
OK now it seems i am rambling!!!
hope it helps spark some creativity.