Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Friday!!!

First things first... Today is my friend, Jeanna's BIRTHDAY!!! She is an old lady, but I love her still! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Here she is! I wish you guys could hear her sing and play guitar... it's so beautiful!

(Renee, remember you posted that entry about today being one of the most common birthdays?)

My good friend's house mom just opened up her own ETSY shop. You guys HAVE to check it out! Her knit sweaters are SO ADORABLE! And the Heart Baby Blanket is just TOO sweet! I was at M's house all night yesterday helping Barb set up her shop - I hope it is a HUGE success!!!

The local scrapbooking store called me this morning to invite me to their "BUS TOUR". They take these ladies around town and go to various scrap stores - The stores offer freebies, discounts, etc. They called me today to tell me that since I'm one of their best customers (translation: I spend WAY too much money there!) that they are offering me a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal on their bus tour next Saturday. I got all excited until I realized that the only people I know that would be interested in this kind of thing live on the other side of the country!!! I need some local srappies... Maybe instead of going on the bus I'll just follow it in my car and then pretend I am part of the group to get the discounts... Maybe it's better that I don't know anyone to go with - I can save some money!

And last but not least, here is my PICTURE OF THE DAY. This Japanese Maple sits right outside my scraproom window. It's leaves are browning and starting to fall off, which is a sign that cold weather is coming. By the time November rolls around, it is COMPLETELY bare and looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree. But once the cold moves and the sun starts beating down, its leaves come right back out - red and orange and burgundy and wine. I love this tree. We are planning to landscape our front lawn area and my only stipulation was that I get to keep this tree!

Have a great weekend!!!


Laura Tucker said...

I wouldn't give that tree up either--it's beautiful.

Happy birthday, Jeanna! Does your new camera take video? Maybe next time we can hear her sing.

renee said...

I wish I can hop on that bus with you!! It sounds like so much fun. I think you should go, maybe you can make a scrapbook buddy on your side of the country : ) or take a class at a local scrapbook store, you'll find scrapbook friends. by the way, i love that tree!! I love trees period but that one of my favs (next to a weeping willow.