Monday, August 06, 2007

To Etsy or Not To Etsy

It has been suggested (by this lovely) that I open up an Etsy shop and sell my felt and clay embellies... and I have been contemplating this idea all day!!!

Of course, there are concerns... Will anyone even be interested? Will people like them? Will it be a waste of my money and time?

Have any of you guys ever sold or bought something from Etsy? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences!

On another note, I read this article this morning and was cracking up!!! Silly Asians...

Have a good day!


renee said...

i read the same thing this wierd isn't it? and i was cracking up too! so, i think that you should try the etsy thing b/c i know a couple of people that shop doesn't hurt to try. and just start small and make stuff as people order them. also, you can start some threads about your etsy shop on 2bitches and SIS...that might bring in some traffic.

by the way, how do you set up a link in your post without actually typing out the address? i've tried a million times and can't figure it out! (i'm talking about where you have "this morning" in your blog and people can just click on the link)

renee said...

also for the etsy shop thing, maybe you can email the lady from and she might be able to post something...maybe. check out that website...i love it!

Jen said...

yeah, you should totally do an etsy shop. your little embellies will get snatched up in no time!

quietly going mad... said...

Thank you for the kind words and I have to say am addicted to etsy. My sister and I shop there all the time. I did open my own shop that I have not sold anything but honestly it only cost me like $2.00 to list those items so I don't fell like I was put out too much. And I promise I will be your first customer!!