Monday, August 27, 2007

100th Post!!!

Can you believe that this is my ONE HUNDREDTH POST??? That's crazy!

So here's what's new with me:

**Friday night I met up with a couple of ladies I have known since high school. We had dinner and talked until midnight - it was fabulous! Of course, we are all old so we had to go home and get our grannie sleep (what used to be called beauty sleep is now grannie sleep).

**Wade and I were invited to a Rodeo on Saturday by Wade's new friend Dave. Neither of us had ever been and it turned out to be awesome! Dave's company is a big sponsor of the rodeo people (I don't know what the organization is called) and man-alive, were we SPOILED!!! Great food (even free ice cream bars!), unlimited beer and mixed drinks, shaded seating and we were only 10 feet away from all the action!

Here's a bull:

And here's me wearing Dave's cowboy hat:

**Today Wade and I ran errands - nothing too terribly exciting. We went a local nursery and I bought a little cactus plant and 2 small succulents. It's dark right now, so I can't really take a picture - I'll have one up by the next post!

**I heard about Andrew Bird on Jamaica's blog and immediately downloaded the song - I will probably end up getting the entire album because I am IN LOVE with this song right now!

**We got the new Rilo Kiley album yesterday. I found out that they are playing in San Diego later this year and I'm trying to convince Wade to take me - I love me some Jenny Lewis!

And in other news...
A few confessions...

~ The whole purpose of having my studio is so that I could do my work at my desk and my art in my studio, but I am so in love with the latter that I bring my work in there!!! And sometimes I just sit in my new studio and rearrange things on my desk.

~ Wade and I watched Titanic the other night - it still makes me cry every time I see the old couple holding each other in bed while water rushes around them.

~ I am addicted to Sex and the City right now. I have the entire series on DVD and just watch them all the way through while I am scrapbooking. When I finish the series, I go back to the beginning and watch it all over again.

~ I am really getting fed up with people writing alot instead of a lot. I don't know why this bothers me so much. (I just realized that typing alot causes a lovely red line to appear under the word... do these writers not notice it?)

~ I just recently learned that the new style of writing requires only one space after a period. I can't stop typing two spaces.

~ It's 12:50 in the morning and I still need to take a shower before going to bed... GOOD NIGHT!!!


renee said...

awesome post today...very entertaining!! your "confessions" really cracked me up today. especially the "a lot" one...that annoys the shit out of me too!! really, do they not notice the red line? what a fun blog entry (i'll probably jock you on that) also, I LOVE that pic of you in the cowboy hat! scrapbook it! or send it over and i'll scrap it for you for that photo swap.

Jen said...

hate those little typos definitely...why do people try to spell it defanitely????!!! dictionaries...grammar check! ya know! others too...i just won't ranting!

Jen said...

and yes...i just realized i forgot to put "go" before ranting...fingers faster than brain!

Eileen said...

i do the same exact thing with sex and the city!!!! glad to know i'm not the only one! :)