Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back To Work


What a busy couple of weeks I have had! We returned home from San Francisco last week. The weather was PERFECT and us girls had tons of fun! Here's a picture of me and Mihaela in front of the Oakland Bay Bridge:

When I got home I had a lovely surprise waiting for me. Jen sent me a layout she did of me and Wade in Brooklyn. It turned out so lovely!!! Here it is:

You can see the layout I did for her HERE on her blog.

In other, not so exciting news, I started work yesterday. I took a picture of myself to commemorate the end of a much needed summer break.

...but it's back to the factory for me. There are tons of new (younger) faces at the college and already I have received a bunch of calls looking for private tutoring this semester. I'm really going to try to keep my schedule light this year (8 hours a day instead of the usual 12!) because last year was WAY too crazy for me! I'm getting old and need my sleep!

Also, keep a lookout for my ETSY shop which hopefully will open by this weekend. I'll be sure to keep you all posted (for those of you who care!). I've been making some new goodies - I hope that you guys will like them!

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renee said...

hey! i was wondering what happened to you! can't wait to check out your etsy shop! by the way, that's a good pic you took of yourself...

Frances said...

hey, you read these more than my emails so...

can you send me 28 felt thingies? boy/girl ones and gender neutral? owls, cats, but mostly skulls? is that too much??!!?!?!?

and where's my owls??

i have pms and am sad now, missing my candia. wheres that bird nest?