Friday, August 24, 2007

Jumping On The ETSY Bandwagon

Yesterday I took a blank planner that I have been holding onto forever and decided to personalize it.

I LOVE the cover of the planner AS IS, so I didn't touch that:

And the note pages in it are so adorable, those had to stay too:

But the inside cover was boring, so I punked it up a bit:

And the blank agenda pages just didn't fit my schedule needs, so I printed out my own pages from the computer:

And then used yummy Hambly Overlays for dividers:

Now maybe I'll stay more organized!

Oh, and by the way...

I did it! Come see my arts and CRAPs


Thanks to all of you ladies who encouraged me to do this.

If you have any suggestions or problems accessing the shop, please let me know so I can fix it!


Mika said...

Love your note book. I just love to make things personal. Hope to see you sometime on my blog,

quietly going mad... said...

THat is the coolest note book the front cover is really cute love what you added also. LOVE THE ETSY SHOP!

Laura Tucker said...

Your planner is amazing, Candice. I love it!

renee said...

how exciting about your etsy shop! everything you made is SO cute...I love the colors on everything! and love how u used hambly in your planner! very cute!

Jen said...

love the organizer! yay! on your etsy shop!!! no wonder you have been so busy lately!

amyjune said...

Your etsy stuff is sooo cool! I really love the cherry card! And of course all the skullies!! Good luck with it :)

idanasi said...

cute planner!
good luck with your shop!

Rachael said...

Love your planner!! Good luck with your Etsy store!! Love your creations!