Saturday, August 04, 2007

Creative Slump

I've been in a somewhat of a creative slump lately. I guess those couple of days I was scrapping 5 layouts a day has really drained my creative pool! Also, my studio has been delayed a bit (Wade doesn't want to move the piano out of the room until all the construction is completed in the house) and I have been very reluctant to straighten up my existing office. I really connected with Ali's post , especially the part about being in a "gathering phase".

But not all is lost - I finally organized my acrylic stamps in empty jewel cases:

And I've been taking my felt collection...:

and making some fun felt embellies. Here are just a few:

And here are some random photos from this past week:

Bailey taking a ride in the car on the way to the Basset Hound Rescue Breakfast:

Me in front of the enormous table I have set up in the living room covered in paperwork I have been consumed with... this is what happens when I procrastinate all semester and rely on the summer to do all my work!

And finally a picture of Wade and I making good use of the time we spent waiting at a red light:

What do YOU do when you are in a creative "slump"? Do you just wait it out, or what?

Have a good weekend!


quietly going mad... said...

I love the felties your stuff is soo cute you should open an etsy shop I would sooo buy some of them and your clay ones too! I hate when I am in a creative slump sometimes I wait, sometimes I try to force myself to do something easy or read something creative or watch a movie that is inspiring. I figure after a while something has got to give!! Good luck.

Jen said...

how cute are you with all of your felt and clay embellies you have been making!!!! a creative slump...hmmm...sometimes you do have to walk away or find your inspo in unexpected places...mags, store fronts, etc. but there is nothin' wrong with a little break. 5 LOs crankin' out a day! whew! you'll get it or maybe it is time to do some more calculus!

Kat said...

Work on my book! Your least creative layouts are better than my most creative ones!


scrappermimi said...

I think your felt embellies are adorable and I would definitly buy a few!

Bailey is the cutest thing, one of these days I am gonna send you a pic of my basset lucy!