Thursday, August 09, 2007

My New Studio - Finally!!!

So we had to hire some piano movers to move the piano from our guest room to the living room. 70 bucks to move 30 feet, but it was totally worth it because now my studio is FINISHED!!!

But before we get to that, Wade and I went to Summer Movies At The Lake - a fun "drive-in" movie event, only you don't sit in your car, you sit on the grass and watch a movie shown on a HUGE screen. This month they are showing The Princess Bride which is AWESOME because it's one of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME!!! The DVD skipped at the end and we didn't get to see the last 2 chapters, but they are showing it again tomorrow night, so hopefully that will have been fixed by then. We are going to get some hot wings to go and have a picnic dinner while watching the show.



It's got a tremendous amount of desk space (something I definitely needed since I tend to "spread out" my junk when I scrapbook) and wonderful lighting (there's a HUGE window to my left). I put my laptop on a lazy susan I bought from IKEA for only 6 bucks so I can swivel it around depending on where I am working. And best of all, the trestles each have a shelf so NOTHING is on the floor - may not seem like a big deal, but with three dogs and a messy boyfriend, we accumulate a ton of dirt and hair (well, not hair from Wade, hair from the dogs) on our floors, so whatever happens to be in the pathway of these hair/dirt tumbleweeds gets horribly attacked!

a little stamp organizer I made out of cardboard:

making good use of vertical storage:

wall inspiration
my French Premiere with the lovely Johnny Depp on the cover
Felties mural:

my super roll cart from IKEA:

that fits PERFECTLY under my new desk:

and has a nifty bar to hold all my Hambly Rubons:

and this ingenious hanging system - I finally found a use for the great fabric I bought eons ago:

I can't begin to tell you how incredibly excited I am about this studio! It's as if my status as a scrapbooker is made more real by the existence of this wonderful workspace!!! Tomorrow I have to do laundry, pack for my San Fransisco trip, clean the kitchen and clean the bathrooms, but of course I will probably do NONE of these things because I will just stay in my new studio all day long, loving how organized and beautiful it is!!!


quietly going mad... said...

Your studio is gorgeous I am so jealous!!!

Jodie said...

hello :)
your studio is so cool, especially love the stamp shelf!!! lol.
you gotta tell me, what brands, or where are those awesome stamps from!!!
love em all, especially...the owl, poison bottle, and bam words!!!!


Rachael said...

Awesome space!! Wow!!

Hey, can you give me some details on that Ikea cart? I think I'm going to need that!! :)

Congrats on your great studio!

Jen said... looks so great! i had no idea you were so close to getting it done! are you outta your slump now!!!! go rock it!

tams said...

Ooohh. I'm not even a scrapbooker but your studio makes me want to create something fun.

Eileen said...

You're studio is awesome! Have fun! Eileen

bonnie is said...

YOur studio rawks! Totally awesome.

scrapwitch said...

loving your scrap space

idanasi said...

wow!!! very cool!!
i love the cart... :)

amyjune said...

The Princess Bride is my favorite movie! We have something like that here but its always lame movies! Totally diggin that new studio, the Ikea cart has caught my eye!

Frances said...

oye vey!!