Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thoughts for Today

It's 8:44am and I am trying to motivate myself to start getting ready for the day. I have plans to see my folks for a morning show and lunch, then to dinner with some friends, then to a crop night from 6 to midnight (my first one!).

Getting a bit stressed out because my Snapfish photos haven't arrived in the mail yet and if they don't come today, I won't have very many pics to choose from for the crop tonight.

Got my twopeas order yesterday... can't wait to use my new Hambly overlays and SEI tags... if I get the pictures on time that is...

I went to Albertson's last night at 10 o'clock because I had SUCH a hankering for some mangoes. I bought 6 and ate 2. I love that I can't eat them without getting it all over my hands and face.

My printer is stressing me out. It keeps printing with these horizontal stripes and I thought I fixed the problem, but after a few good pics, the rest were stripy. Why couldn't they be vertical stripes? At least they're slimming.

Our East Coast Trip is coming soon!!! End of may. I can't wait. 4 days in DC, 3 in Boston and 4 in New York. Hopefully it will be enough time to do all the things I wanna do! I keep thinking of things I need to do before going like buying a new foundation compact, getting some more rechargeable batteries, getting another memory card, etc. etc.

Well, have a lovely day. It's coffee time for me!

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