Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thanks Chris!

My friend Chris gave me a gift card to a local Scrapbooking Store for my birthday and FINALLY yesterday I had a chance to go and use it! I was in the store for about an hour (a record for me... usually I can't get out of there sooner than an hour and a half!) and found lots and lots of yummies!

I'm most excited about my new Hambly ScreenPrint Overlays... Can't wait to see where they'll end up! THANKS CHRIS!!!!

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Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so glad you got some good use out of that gift card. looks like you got a lot of stuff. have no idea what hambly screen print overlays are or what they do but i can't wait to see them on saturday!! ps i subscribed to your blogs feed so i'll never miss out on all the action in your life. woohoo!

love ya,
thunder thighs