Saturday, May 12, 2007


I got SO much done today. Here are two layouts I did:

This one is titled IT'S NOT FOR THEM:

This one is for Dare 66. It's titled ME TO YOU.

I finally finished my East Coast Bag (actually finished it last night). The second picture shows the three compartments on the inside: the one on the left is padded so I can put my camera in it, the middle will act as the 'purse' part, and the right one is for my travel journal. The last picture is a copy of a drawing my 4 year old niece did for me of a person. I stole her design, so I hope she doesn't mind!

And here is the travel journal I've been working on. I plan on taking it with me on my East Coast Trip.

Next Monday and Tuesday are my LAST DAYS of tutoring for the school year... YAY!!! I'm so excited to have NOTHING to do during the summer but scrapbook and sew and paint and anything else I WANT!!!

I watched the first two episodes of HEROES on the computer last night. I hope they keep them online for a while, because I would love to spend ALL summer watching the WHOLE season!

Have a good day!!!

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singingscientist said...

Your purse and journal turned out so cute, Candice!