Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I declare July 4th "National Candice Day"

The first time I wrote a post, my dumb computer erased, so here goes another try (always getting back on that horse, right?)

I miss my Tabasco sauce. I refuse to buy another one. At some point I figure my need for spice will outweigh my stubbornness, but it hasn't happened yet.

Haven't scrapped a layout in over a month. I am currently obsessed with mini books (I have 3 on going projects right now!) Here's one of the three I've been working on:

Still working on my East Coast Bag. I only have the strap left to attach, but since I have to do it by hand, I am lagging. I have the day off tomorrow, so I'll probably take it to Chris' to work on it.

She said we can do anything we want tomorrow as long as it doesn't involve the sun.

Last weekend I scrapped all Friday night with Mihaela. It was great. I refused to do anything even remotely artsy on Saturday (just out of spite for NSD, or as the rest of the world calls it CINCO DE MAYO!!!) and on Sunday I was feeling MUCHO uninspired, so I didn't push it.

Wade decided that our TWO WEEK long East Coast Trip wouldn't be enough, so we are going to Las Vegas in July. It's crazy hot, but we gamble all night long, wake up around lunch time, eat, then spend all day at the pool. Then we start ALL over again!!! It's so great.

My sister is moving up north with her family (the one who thinks my blog is me being narcissistic!). It was kind of short notice (especially for her, since she is so not the impulsive type). Luckily I have a week off before she moves, so I'll be able to see her and her kids as much as possible before they leave me alone here. It sucks though, because just when the school year lets out, she goes and takes her WHOLE family and leaves! Here's a pic of her and me on my birthday last month:

That's it so far. I'll keep you posted

(Are you reading this? If so, say hello, would'ya? It makes me happy.)

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