Monday, May 21, 2007

Pick A Dare

I found the effers website a little late in the game (by the time I found it, they were on dare 50 or something!) I was all stressed out because I love things to be chronological, to have a definite beginning and a definite ending, and most of all, I hate being left out! So, to fight these obsessive tendencies, I figured out a way to participate in all the dares even though I am eons too late! I printed out all the dares and cut them out. I folded each dare and put them in a container. Here they are:

When I need inspiration, I choose 3 pieces of paper, and from those three, I choose one to do. Tonight I chose DARE #20 {aLTeReD sTaTe! It's time to get crazy and attack a photo like you never have before! sand it, paint it, chop it, transfer it - whatever you choose to do to alter your picture to the maximum degree. no holding back! have fun - i can't wait to see!}

The journaling says:
...when you're late, when there's traffic, when it's hot, when it's raining, when you're out of ideas, when you layouts suck, when you're rubons won't rub off, when you write you're instead of your (retard), when your writing's too small, too big, crooked, when you have to write on bumpy cardstock, when everyone else's pages are better than yours, when you waste money on albums you'll never use, when you see a Gucci bag you can't afford, when you someone asks if you are Chinese, when your face is too fat, when your pants don't fit, when you change your mind, when you can't make up your mind, when life throws you shit... don't fall apart!

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renee said...

I love that page! The journaling is so perfect for the way you cut your picture...awesome job (gonna totally scraplift everything about it). I'm also going to do the dare/jar thing...yeah I'm jocking you right now : ) renee