Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Recent Layouts

I'm still not too happy with this layout - seems a little rushed and thrown together. I am trying to just let my layouts be without over analyzing them - I know in a few years when I look back on them I'll just be stoked that the picture + journaling is there to bring back memories. I am really happy with the felt clock, though... I've been toying with this idea for a while and finally made it.

I'm pretty happy with the way this layout turned out. I want to start working on my penmanship because it's beginning to look sloppy, but not "cool" sloppy, just "sloppy" sloppy. The letter stickers I used for the title kept peeling off of their adhesive so I had to use modge podge on it - I really like the way that ended up looking because the title is all shiny and nice.

I threw this one together this morning. I have these paint dabbers that keep getting clogged, so I opened one up and just smeared the paint frame right from the bottle. Then I took a dried out baby wipe and wiped up the excess paint. What resulted was this cool looking smudginess that I really like... good thing my paint dabber was clogged! The title suddenly came to me and I had to put it down on paper. I really like the way the mixed font+colors turned out.

PS. I'm not sure if anyone really reads my blog anymore. I keep getting the same 2 or 3 people leaving comments, which I adore, but was wondering who else (if there is anyone else) is reading this. Leave me a comment, if only to say hello, so I know you are out there!


Michelle said...

Ok I ADORE that 3rd layout! It's just brilliant!!!

scrapwitch said...

your layouts are sooooo coool!

Anonymous said...

I like your Hammer Time, but how do I turn off this music???
Love ya, and I love seeing Dylan's pix on your site. Jean

renee said...

i love the second layout!! and u are totally rockin the punchinella!! i need more!! u got me hooked!

Queen Bee said...

Hi! I love your layouts and I'm waiting for you to annouce that feltie sale....no, but seriously -I'd totally read your blog even without the felties!! Lacy