Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

Still scrapping strong - which is such a good feeling.

We spent last weekend cleaning the house and on Friday I finally got to my studio - did a huge cleaning. Lovely to have everything organized and in its own place.

Saturday mom and I went back to a Long Beach hotel to do a walk-thru - I think we've made our decision, but I still have a ton of questions for the coordinator.

Yesterday I stayed with Laela until 2 (lovely girl, she bought me donuts!), relaxed at home for a bit, then went out for some much needed sushi with some friends.

I leave you with some layouts done this past weekend. Have a great Monday!


renee said...

i love the layouts....all of them!! i've been on a huge kick to. it feels so good. oh and good luck with wedding totally sucks, but i hope your enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Well I think it would be awesome if you lived closer-Jean