Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fun Sunday

Today was such a good day! We didn't do anything terribly exciting - just ran some errands - but all in all it was a very pleasant time. Wade took me to Michael's so I could get some supplies and I waited for him while he got a contract signed. After that we fought our way through the moms and kids at Costco and spent WAY too much money.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the hotel that we're going to have the wedding in - if all goes as planned, mom and I are going to sign up with them and hopefully after that all the rest of the planning will be just a little bit easier. Once we sign up, I'll put some pics up here of the venue.

Wade and I are planning a Vegas trip -SO exciting. We haven't been in over a year (we used to go TWICE a year, so we're really glad we can finally go!) He actually asked me yesterday if I want to go their local scrapbook stores like we did last time. He said, "Actually, that was a lot of fun!" FUN? Going to a scrapbook store is FUN for Wade? Perhaps HE'LL be scrapping some day... ha ha ha

I've been doing pretty well with my 365 plan. Haven't missed a day yet, but my scrapping muse has been flying around my studio for the last couple of weeks - hopefully she doesn't have any plans to leave... (or he? Can't my muse be a he? Let's name him Burton... There, it's done.)

Here are a couple more recent layouts:


Michelle said...

Love the layouts.. especially the journaling about how Wade calls you his wife.. that's so sweet. :D

So you're the one stealing my mojo huh?? (and disguised him as Burton) :D

renee said...

i think hell would freeze over before Adam ever said "let's go to a scrapbook's kinda fun"! good for you girl!