Monday, November 26, 2007

Sans Kimchi, Avec Crescendo


That being said...

Here are some holiday felties I made for my ETSY shop. They should be up by tomorrow night.

Thanksgiving was weird this year. Wade and I usually go to my sister's house for dinner, but they moved up north this year so this year it was just me and Wade. We weren't going to make a turkey dinner (we got invited to the neighbor's house AND to Laela's house so we figured we were covered). I sent Wade out in the morning to the grocery store to get eggs and he came back AN HOUR LATER with a 12 pound turkey and all the fixins! Here's the before and after shot of Mr. Tryptophan:

This was the first year I have had Thanksgiving dinner WITHOUT kimchi... very sad.

We are deep into our LANDSCAPING PROJECT (This is SUCH a huge project, it deserves capital letters and a bigger font... it should be read with a crescendo and an echo if possible.) The cement is poured, the retaining wall is up and the front privacy wall is up... Now for all the little shit that needs to be taken care of...

Clementine believes herself to be a cat, laying on the wall with her tail hanging over.

So now that Christmas time is OFFICIALLY here, can anyone recommend any good Christmas movies? We have a pretty sizable collection of Christmas DVDs, but I'm always looking for new movies to add to it!


Jen said...

love the new look of your blog!!
color, header, everything!
Christmas movies:
Home Alone, Charlie Brown's Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and that other one where the kid gets his tongue stuck on the pole! LOL can't remember the title!
Have a great holiday season!
check in with me sometime!!

marie antoinette said...

hi. i'm renee's cousin, marie. :) i love your page. you're so creative!
here's a christmas movie for you that i'm sure you've probably never's called "here comes santa claus" and it's a french movie from the 80's that my brother, sister and i LOVED as kids. it's super cheesy and weird, but it's one of my favorite christmas movies. as a seven year-old, i wondered why they all looked so weird talking, but as i grew older, i realized it was english dubbed! have fun finding it!
marie :)

Holly Terra said...

I freakin Love you :)
COme visit NY and lets make creative things :)
hee hee

kim brimhall said...

sweet girl to give your sis an album!! love that and love your blog!!