Thursday, November 29, 2007

ETSY Update #5

My ETSY shop has been updated with some holiday cheer! Go check it out!

Tonight I plan on SCRAPBOOKING (this is such a momentous occasion, it, like the LANDSCAPING PROJECT, deserves all caps and a bigger and bolder font) I don't think I've done a page in almost 3 months! YIKES!

Here's a little collage to brighten your Thursday.


Laura Tucker said...

Great collage, Candice. Your haircut is so cute too!

renee said...

i love your pics!! they are so fun!i wish adam would do that for me, but that's only if hell ever froze over!

Jen said...

great stuff! love the collage of photos!! have a great weekend!

Amy Elizabeth said...

love your new stuff! loved your last comment on my blog. i'm going to follow your advice :)

marie antoinette said... how do you post a collage picture like that? i like how your pictures are in sections.