Friday, November 30, 2007

Rainy Day Dawgs

It's raining today... first rain in a while. This means the puppies get to be inside for a change: Bailey on the floor, Otis on the couch (don't tell Wade!) and Clemmie in her big-girl chair. When Clem came in from the backyard this afternoon she was SHIVERING like a... what shivers... well, whatever, she was shivering... so I took one of my old college sweatshirts out and put it on her. Now she is warm AND supporting the Tritons!!!

Look how ADORABLE she is with her new hoodie!!! Too bad I can't show you what she looks like when she tries to walk - it's UBER cute!!!

Now go check THIS out - a hilarious blog post from my good friend KAT.


renee said...

OMG...I want your dog!!! How cute is that!

Holly Terra said...

If Douglas was a girl is name was gonna Be Bailey Anne. :) hee hee hee. Pupperton looks so cute in that hoodie.

Love it.


Rachael said...

oh my gosh!! what a darling puppy!!