Sunday, September 09, 2007

I've been doing a TON of felt+sewing this weekend - partly because I am BROKE (I keep losing at poker EVERY WEEK!) and partly because I've got the itch (not the kind that needs ointment, the kind that keeps me going, you know, creatively...)

I made a tree - it's simple, but I like it:

A girlie ghost... thinking of putting some HALLOWEEN felties on my ETSY:

Punky Pumpkin. I just came up with that name JUST NOW! I know - so ingenious!

My new favorite - The Cassette. Reminds me of my old cassette collection - Informer by SNOW, The Dirty Dancing Soundrack, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson... ah, the memories!

Taken from some Tim Burton drawings - The Skull Card #002 and Voodoo Heart:

That's about all I did this weekend. Well, that's all I did worth talking about, anyway. I'm getting a bit bummed on my blog as of late because I'm not getting the abundant feedback I was before I went on my SF trip. Is it that school has started so students are busier, parents are busier and teachers are busier or is it simply that my life has gotten THAT mundane. I think a little of both, though I hope more the former than the latter. Perhaps it was my comment about how I hate it when people write ALOT instead of A LOT. Maybe I pissed everyone off.

Well, to those of you still reading this despite me being a grammar snob...

Thanks for stopping by!


Jen said...

you are too funny! as far as the shoe thing goes--i think it means we are willing to suffer for fashion! :P
they will eventually get broken in!!
love all of your felties,esp. the cassette tape!!! have a great week!

Jen said...

forgot to say...yes everyone is busy, no you are not a grammar snob b/c that would make me one too!
you are like the only person who visits my blog, so the way i see it, we are in this together,girlfriend!!

Laura Tucker said...

The Cassette is so rad!! ;)

Kat said...

Just because we don't comment, doesn't mean we don't read! (I don't even know that people are READING my blog these days!)

renee said...

I love the girly clever and damn cute!! i'd sell those for halloween, for sure! and yeah, i say people have been busy lately...i know I have, but don't worry, we still read your blog! : )

quietly going mad... said...

Hello grammer snob how are you! love the felting i love tim burton too! I plan on sewing some of your felties onto a new bag I am getting so I will have to e-mail you a picture! really liking the voodoo one so I may have to order again for that one to put on my bag! sorry for being quiet i started a new job and don't feel like doing anything when I get home.

Rachael said...

How stinkin' cute are these? The ghost is so cute, reminds me of Pac Man!! :)

Mika said...

Love your work especially the girly ghost. Mika