Tuesday, September 04, 2007

AH, the three day weekend. Usually three day weekends are spent camping, going to Vegas or some other vacation-y type thing... Not this one! Wade and I stayed in the (air conditioned) house ALL weekend! It was great!

OH, and here's the BIG news - Wade got hired at Coastline Community College to teach TWO history classes! He's been applying to all sorts of schools ever since he got his masters, but he never got picked up because he didn't have any experience teaching. But Coastline is giving him a chance, so now he WILL have experience, making it easier to get more jobs in the future! I'm so happy for him!

We went to my boss' house yesterday for some Korean Barbecue and I was checking out his IPHONE... I love love love it. He says he's going to buy me one once we get this grant from our school - I hope he's not kidding, because if he doesn't, I'm going to have to go out and get it myself!

I made this planner for my friend Chris but couldn't post it on here because I hadn't given it to her yet. It's actually the planner our school gives out to students, but it's so ugly and impersonal. A little Love, Elsie fabric paper, Hambly rubons and voila! A beautiful planner!

My sister left a comment on here about one of my layouts having a typo in it. Of course my OCD made me pull out the layout and check it out. She was right (her OCD had been honed to perfection) and I tried to fix it but ended up just messing it up. Now I'm bummed...

I have been making more clay embellishments for my ETSY shop (by request!) and will keep you all updated. I think you will like these new ones - I do!

Hope you all stay cool in this yucky heat!!!


renee said...

your etsy shop is rockin! aren't you so excited you did it? looks like it's going good...i'm jealous! and can't wait to see the journal...it looks cool!

Kat said...

Congrats to Wade! That's way exciting!!