Monday, June 18, 2007

My Weekend



And Fun With My Cousin Lynna:


Frances said...

Momo: I love you, Momo!! I'm singing you a song..."i love you so much, i love you so much, i love you so much, that i really love you, toot toot, i really love you, when i have some dreams about you, i wouldn't have a dream about you, nuh nuh nuh, of beach they are, all day long, when i have feeling bad, i ate..." (HUH!?) WE LOVE YOUR SHINY HAIR, YOU LOOK LIKE A PANTENE MODEL!! the colour is fabulous, and the cut is great!! leelee says, this is a note that you DON'T THROW AWAY!!

renee said...

love the highlights!

Frances said... the way, that was your baby singing. even tho there are hardly ANY pictures of her here. yes, ppl w/kids post nothing but kids' photos on their narcissis sites, cuz once you have kids, there is nothing else that matters more than them. (at least until you find that you ABSOLUTELY must find a sharpener that is big enuf for the sparkly eye liner you got from sephora...and your supposedly BIG sharpener wont fit it!!)

anyways, what was i talking about??