Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Humor Me...

Here is a page I did tonight. It went fairly quickly (about an hour) but it took me FOREVER to decide which picture to do first... (I have about 2000 pics total from our East Coast Trip!)

I haven't scrapped before tonight for about a month and a half... Feels good to be back at it!

I am IN LOVE with this color combination. My last 7 or 8 pages have ALL had the same colors: bright blue, lemony lime, browns and a splash of orangy red... plus buttons, circles and cut out flowers. I hope my layouts aren't getting boring!!! I'm going to have to consider changing it up a little!!! Maybe squares instead of circles next time.

Okay, I'm thinking WAY to much about this right now.

{...and in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and...}
Good Night!


idanasi said...

this looks amazing and i love all the circles :P

...the paper i made did take me some time.. but i made it in front of the tv so it didn't really bothered me.. :)

thanks so much for stopping by!!

Kat said...

Do the numbers mean something in particular? I remember seeing them in some of of your other layouts (at your house).