Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bird Art

Stole these designs from THIS Etsy shoppe and made some fun paintings. Simple acrylic paint on canvas - nothing too fancy. Not sure where they'll go in the house yet.

Happy Friday!


3 @ 6x8

3 @ 4x6

3@ 5x7


renee said...

i love the paintings! They look like u bought them! I just love the color you have a scrapbook room/area? Maybe you can hang them there...oh by the way, the fact that you know 3 people born on Oct 5 (or whatever that date was) is really wierd!!

renee said...

Oh my God! I just noticed you have my name on your inspiration links! How sweet!!! No one has done that flattering! (by the way, sometimes I don't post my layouts for the design team b/c I don't think anyone will like them!) You're awesome...I never even think to update my inspiration section...

Sarah Corbett said...

These are aweome paintings!!! You are very talented!!