Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long Time, No See

How I spent my Spring Break Vacation, by Candice PJ

I went to my nephew's for Spring Break - It was off the hook... Check him out - rockin' and rollin'!!!

And of course, I saw my babies, J and O. Here's J with my sister - she always makes faces at the camera...

Here's me and my sister dying our hair - very attractive shot:

And here's L with her famous Harry Potter glasses (one dollar at Target is the rumor!)

We went to an amazing park with the kids - huge cement slide and fantastic swings.

And after a long vacation I came back home to find these goodies waiting for me from RENEE:

My favorite of course being this eraser:

Renee, I think Chrissy is right - you and I have very similar handwriting... I think that should earn me the right to be honorary cousin, don't you? (I know Marie would agree with me!)

Hopefully I'll be back to blogging more often again...
Have a great weekend!


renee said...

your nephew is so cute!!! i'm glad you like your fav is the eraser too! i also bought one for myself : )

marie antoinette said...

okay, GREAT pictures...everyone looks so shiny and happy.
i LOVE that you guys exchanged packages! how cool! oh and i am IN LOVE with that eraser. i wish i invented that! :)
oh and you can definitely be a cousin. we'll feed you stuffed grape leaves and garlic and make you feel right at home.

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill me said...

hey. First i want to say hello to you from Croatia. To say you nephew is too cute. And your page is beautiful...i love it..
And this page from album,with pictures,and note...wonderful...i love it...Kiss