Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dylan Grey

I visited my new nephew last weekend - he is SO small and SO cute! He makes these marvelous little squeaks when he drinks from a bottle and breathes like a pug when he's sleeping!

And of course, what do two silly women do once the baby has finally fallen asleep? We dress him up and take pictures, of course!


Cracks me up!!!

SWEET SPUDS has their gallery up for their MARCH kit and several of the ladies on their design team used my FELTIE on their layouts! It's so exciting to see what other artists do with stuff I make! Go check it out!

Have a great FRIDAY!


Lo said...

he is so cute! must be a sound sleeper too.

Jen said...

aww...what a cutie! that is so funny that you did that while he was asleep...i was so guarded with my kids' naps...they were sacred!
wish i could've loosed up a lil like this!

Anonymous said...

How silly you are! Looking forward to Friday, Dylan can't wait to pose for you again.

Celular said...

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marie antoinette said...

this is so cute, i laugh at it everytime.
also, in response to your comment about "perfume" WEIRD was that part??? omg...i can just imagine how twisted my expression was during those few minutes.

Jen said...

ok, your nephew is really cute, but where have you been?
are you OK?
just checkin!