Sunday, September 21, 2008

POST # 200

THIS IS MY 200th POST! I can't believe it... more because it took me this long to post 200 and I've had this blog for years!

School and work and studying and not sleeping enough and not eating healthy have made me a bit crazy thus far, but I'm moving along, slowly but surely. This week my 3 online classes started. Everyone told me that they were really easy and just a pain in the butt, but not conceptually hard (a new concept for me because my last year at UCSD was FULL of upper division math classes and I usually had no idea what was going on!). They were all right, but none of them told me how much reading would be involved. I have about 50 pages of reading a week for each of the 3 classes plus 50 more for an in-class education class I am taking plus homework and more homework from the other 2 math classes I am taking. Once I finish reading all that shit, I am then able to write the pages and pages of responses to "what I learned this week". I wrote my first paper last week and got a 100%, so that made me feel good... especially considering that the last paper I wrote was my personal statement to get into a university! My weekends consist of me locking myself in the guest room (the only quiet place in the house) hunched over my laptop working away. I have been studying FRIDAY thru SUNDAY non-stop and I'm getting a bit stir crazy (especially because my scrapbooking table is in the guest room and oh-so inviting!)
In other news, I am going to start my required 40 hours of observation in a high school classroom next week. I am nervous and excited and scared I'm going to fall asleep in class from all this work! More on this as it develops...
Here's another answer to a question posted on my blog entry a couple of weeks ago - I promise I'll get to all of them eventually!

Melissa said...

Did you or will you ever get cable??

For those of you that are confused by this, Wade and I do not have cable in the house. We do have a television, but it is only hooked up to our DVD player and our dying VHS player so we can watch movies to our hearts' content. Needless to say, we own A LOT of DVDs and a few television series on DVD - SATC, Seinfeld, MSCL and CSI Las Vegas seasons 1-6.

We initially made the decision to not have cable when we saw how expensive it was. Then after time, we became SO out of the loop, not knowing any of the latest shows that were on, who famous people were, and so on, that we just never got around to getting it. Both of us become zombies in front of the television, so part of our decision to not get cable comes from the fact that we know if we had it, we'd probably never leave the house!

I definitely miss tv. I would love to see new episodes of The Office and surprisingly enough, I miss seeing commercials. I know Wade would love to watch the History Channel and his True Crime shows. But I'm glad we don't have it... so to answer the question, no, we do not have cable!


Darby said...

Ya, those reflections to readings are just the beginning. Maybe I should have warned you. The credential program is full of reflections on readings, observations, and lessons taught. By the end of the credential program you will be able to reflect on things that have never happened. It will be so nice when you are done and only have to worry about finding or working a job.

marie antoinette said...

haha..everyone laughed at me when i said i was only getting internet and basic cable...i want to catch up on watching movies!!!! and yeah, cable is freakin' expensive and half the time there's nothing on t.v. worth watching!