Thursday, February 07, 2008


  • marie antoinette said...
    that's very cool... i love the font and lettering. what did you make that out of? it looks like felt, but i'm not sure.

I made the LOVE IS with acrylic paint on canvas.

  • renee said...
    where in the world did you get that stuff??!!!! It's my dream scrapboking supply....i LOVE it!
I got it at Just CLICK HERE for Punchinella!

  • Jen said...
    ok, but what the heck is this stuff?have i been living under a rock??

Punchinella is fun plastic ribbon that is left over after sequins are punched out, often called "sequin waste." I have used it on some of my layouts - like THIS ONE and Renee used some on THIS ONE and THIS ONE. (Hope you don't mind me linking your beautiful pages, Renee!)

  • Frances said...
    hey why dont you post a whole day just about ME?!?! then i'll look at it with interest, instead of just skimming half asleep...HAH again with the kidding.

Because then everyone else who reads will just skim, half asleep... HAH!


renee said...

i will be buying that today!! thanks! and of course i don't mind you linking my layouts...that's cool.

Jen said...

fun idea! answering your peep's questions!
have a great weekend!