Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Vacation

I made an album for my sister and gave it to her for Christmas:

Spent 5 days up north to see my brothers, sisters and my sister's kids.

I came home to find three ornaments in the mail from the RV Ornament Swap. (They inspired me to make the little penguin!)

P.S. I made these collages with PowerPoint, Marie. You should try it - it's amazing!


renee said...

that's an awesome book you made. i bet your sister loved it! And it's so funny that my cousins now check your blog : )

Katherine said...

Hey, are you around The OC for the holidays? I bought the most awesome gift for you, and if it comes to my mom's house on Saturday like it's supposed to, I'll need to give it to you!

amy lapi said...

you are so sweet :) i sent yuo an email.
BTW.. i love your ornaments! cuold we get a little tutorial on how to make the collages in PPT!?