Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Week So Far...

Sunday we took the dogs to a new dog park in RSM. (It's been there for a while, but it's new to us.) We were there for almost 4 hours!!! The puppies LOVED it, except Bailey was getting annoyed by some rambunctious pups that were trying to play with him, so he kept growling at everything. Oh, and that was the day we found a lumption on Clem's hind leg.
Monday the power went out in our neighborhood because SDG&E was poking around in the ground up the street. I was doing my hair with the flattening iron and I was only half way done before the power went out. Of course, I kept doing my hair for another 10 minutes before I realized what had happened. Then throughout the entire morning while getting ready for work, I would enter a room, switch on the lights, then curse because nothing happened.
Tuesday was pretty good because the one session I dread got cancelled. Seriously, the student is great, but his mother is PAIN! She calls me too much and expects me to drop everything to help her. I have a WHOLE week before I have to talk to her again, though so that's nice. Wade took Clem to the vet and they removed the lumption. 400 dollars later, she is happy and healthy.

Let's see how the rest of the week goes.

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